Best Care Patient Advocacy

Communication. Clarity. Peace of Mind.

Welcome to Best Care Patient Advocacy, where our goal is to help you realize the best healthcare outcomes possible.

If you or someone you love has a serious or ongoing health issue, navigating the healthcare industry can be overwhelming. An independent patient advocate is like a healthcare concierge—acting as your personal spokesperson and communication liaison for your health.

Best Care Patient Advocacy can help research your medical concerns, coordinate and communicate between doctors and specialists, and advocate for your wishes to be carried out. We make sure your voice is heard.

While we all want to believe the healthcare system is built to serve our needs, all too often it feels as if the system is primarily designed to help hospitals, insurance companies, and physicians.

It’s easy to wind up feeling:

  • Frustrated
  • Uncertain
  • Disappointed
  • Guilty
  • Exhausted
  • Doubtful

We can help.

You may already be dealing with the emotional impact of a diagnosis, the last thing you should have to worry about is trying to navigate an unsupportive system. A patient advocate is much like a lawyer for legal needs, or an accountant for tax planning and help; we are educated and skilled in understanding and working within the healthcare system. Best Care Patient Advocacy helps you navigate that system, and lets you keep your focus on feeling calm and healthy.

How does Best Care Patient Advocacy help you?

  • Represent and Communicate: If your health has declined and you have frequent doctors visits, you can benefit from having a representative to understand and collect physician care and treatment plans, and optionally to communicate with family members or other concerned individuals on your behalf.
  • Plan for Surgery: If you have a surgery planned, a patient advocate can provide help with pre-op planning, coordinating care team communication, be a representative at the hospital to monitor your safety, and/or assist with planning any post surgical care.
  • Be On Call: If you have need of an emergency medical contact, or if your current emergency contact may need assistance in a crisis, you can feel more comfortable and confident knowing a patient advocate will be the first call.

We are here to provide communication, so you can have clarity and peace of mind that your healthcare choices are the best for you or your loved one.


Rick Hoffman

I am a busy attorney with a hectic schedule. Having Ann as a healthcare advocate has allowed me to concentrate on my work and not my medical requirements. I think every busy professional should have an advocate like Ann. She accompanies me (often by phone) to my appointments, keeps records of conversations with physicians, asks the right questions, helps assess diagnoses and tracks my progress. Her organizational skills and medical knowledge are invaluable in making me feel secure that I am finally being taken care of properly and have all pertinent information available for my physicians and health care providers. Ann is readily available and incredibly knowledgeable in the services she performs.

Rick Hoffman
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