Best Care Patient Advocacy

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Next Avenue–Where grownups keep growing.
This site is full of helpful and current information. I find the Health and Caregiving sections particularly useful for my clients. You can also sign up for a weekly newsletter.

Campaign Zero–Families for Patient Safety
This group was founded by Karen Curtiss whose father died in the hospital as a result of preventable errors. There are many printable checklists for patients and families to help prevent infection, complications, and injuries during a hospital stay. These are also useful for patients’ in-home care or other care settings.

Daily Caring–2020 Award Winner–Best Caregiver Website
Great practical information on behavioral, financial, housing, legal, and medical issues. You can sign up for their weekly newsletter on their site.

Drugs–This site is the largest, most widely visited, independent medicine information website on the internet. It has in-depth information about medications, drug interactions, medical conditions and associated drug treatments, and up to date new drug releases.

American Association of Retired Persons – This site is always helpful for up to date healthcare information. It has great articles concerning all topics for everyone 50+.

Healthline – Healthline is the largest online health publisher in the USA. It is an excellent source for all types of health information for all ages.



You Bet Your Life–The Top 10 Reasons You Need a Medical Advocate by Your Side–by Trisha Torrey.