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Services and Pricing

If you’re looking for a health advocate who is readily accessible, provides informed solutions, and who gets the job done quickly, you’re in the right place! Ann was incredible at gathering information from the healthcare facility. She took the time to know what I needed, then helped me advocate for it. Her professionalism and congeniality are boundless.

Marie Germain, Ph.D.


Ann Thomas, Patient Advocate

  • Collect, Review, and Organize all your medical information and take the time to explain and discuss it with you. All of your documents will be digital and ready for future use.
  • Examine all medications and supplements to evaluate potential conflicts or side effects.
  • Help you prepare for and/or accompany you to medical appointments.
  • Coordinate care and communication between all your providers, and if applicable relay information to loved ones.
  • Visit clients/patients in retirement communities, assisted living, and nursing facilities to act as a liaison and relay information on their health status and plan of care to loved ones.
  • Monitor hospital bedside care, safety supervision, and communication with staff and loved ones.
  • Be On Call as emergency medical contact, or for your existing medical contact to call for assistance.
  • Research medical literature and explore all treatment options available to you.
  • Locate clinical trials available to you.
  • Facilitate getting second opinions as needed.
  • Teach family members and caregivers how to help advocate for you.
  • Interpret and help audit medical bills and insurance coverage, and assist with the appeal procedure as needed.
  • Provide caregiver support and relief.


All fees are required prior to service

Please note:

Best Care Patient Advocacy does not offer medical advice and cannot provide transportation for patients. Independent patient advocates are not covered under standard insurance or Medicare.